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Itinerary - Island Hopping From Lefkada


Day 1: Lefkada to NidriOnce you are done stacking up your food and drinks for a trip ahead, you are all good to go. Start sailing slowly south ...

Itinerary - Mykonos to Syros


Welcome to the next edition of our marine itineraries. We hope you enjoy reading these, and are eager to share with you even more suggestions about the places you definitely need to visit when char...

Itinerary - Athens To Aegina


With this very post, we begin a new series of articles on our site - marine itineraries. The main idea behind every new destination is to make sure we inspire our future clients to try new routes, ...

One week on a yacht in Greece: where to go, what to see


Let’s get straight to the point - you are about to spend a whole week on a yacht!. Isn’t that exciting? Especially considering the fact, that the country you will be exploring from water is Greece ...

Best islands (and a town) to see in Greece


So you decided to rent a yacht in Greece, right? Great, we can’t stress enough how good of a choice you’ve made. Now all the possibilities are available to you: cruise along the shoreline, embark o...

Best beaches of Greece (and its islands)


Greece has slowly been reclaiming its status of one of the most popular European tourist destinations after the financial crisis of 2007. Yacht charters in Greece have also been returning to busine...

Best beaches of Italy (Part II)


Here’s a part two of our “Best beaches of Italy” list. Part one can be found here.

Best beaches of Italy (Part I)


So you’ve booked your future stay in Italy…again. Well, we won’t blame you - there’s a reason Italy always gets to those “Most Visited Countries” lists year after year. But as with everythin...

The 5 Top Malls In Dubai To Go Christmas Shopping


It’s that time of the year again and during this festive season we all need to take a trip to the mall. The malls in Dubai are one of its main attractions and it comes as no surprise considering ho...

Why You Should Celebrate New Year’s On A Yacht


What better way to bring in the coming year than welcoming it on board of a luxury yacht? Witness the world-famous Dubai fireworks display with the breathtaking skyscrapers and landmarks in the bac...

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