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What is so unique about Lake Baikal: 10 facts you should know


Lake Baikal is the oldest, the deepest and the most mysterious lake. In order to remind you of it’s uniqueness, we gathered 10 interesting facts about the lake that you can check out yourself durin...

Formula 1 Grand Prix In Abu Dhabi


This year, Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix will be happening on December 1, and as we often say, it’s never too early to plan your weekend in advance - especially when it comes to Abu Dhabi F1 weeke...

Christmas And New Year In Dubai


Even though both New Year and Christmas are still 10 months away, it is never too late to prepare. Especially if we are talking about New Year in Dubai - one of the most popular destinations to rin...

Yacht holidays in Croatia


As we have said before (and will say again in the future) - a yacht charter is the best alternative to a hotel room. Instead of being confined by four walls, you have a great opportunity to arrange...

Yacht tours and cruises in Croatia


We are back again with another blog installment about Croatia - a safe heaven for the lovers of medieval European culture. This time, we are going to give you some general advice about what kind of...

Itinerary - Exploring Kornati From Zadar


Welcome to the third edition of our Croatian itineraries - this time we are taking you for a trip along one of the most scenic routes in the whole country. The landmark of this trip is the visit to...

Itinerary - Pula To Dugi Otok And Back Again


Welcome back to another instalment of our Croatian itineraries. This time we will talk about one of the most scenic routes in the whole country, starting from the old town of Pula. If you are looki...

Itinerary - Island Hopping From Split


Welcome to Croatia! Whether you are a seasoned Game Of Thrones fan, or just a know nothing Jon Snow (sorry), chances are you have heard a lot about Croatia. Not only it is a famous set for many mid...

Itinerary - Island Hopping From Lefkada


Day 1: Lefkada to NidriOnce you are done stacking up your food and drinks for a trip ahead, you are all good to go. Start sailing slowly south ...

Itinerary - Mykonos to Syros


Welcome to the next edition of our marine itineraries. We hope you enjoy reading these, and are eager to share with you even more suggestions about the places you definitely need to visit when char...

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