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Sunset & Dinner Cruise in Dubai

Get absorbed in the splendid Arabian atmosphere by booking a luxury cruise along the peaceful Dubai shore.

Enjoy the serenity of the impressive Arabian coastline touched warmly by an evening sun with our Dinner Cruise Dubai. Grasp your chance to take gorgeous photos while soaking up the tranquility of the Dubai Marina, the largest and most popular yachting tourist destination.

Sunset Dinner Cruise is an exceptional opportunity to watch the city of impressive skyscrapers revive under the influence of mesmerizing sunset and the refreshing tranquility of the Dubai waters. Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise gives you a chance to sink your teeth into mouth-watering food cooked for you with the great care and professionalism of our best chefs. Sipping soft drinks whilst sailing among the myriad of lights of the city, gradually losing its daily consciousness and chaotic vigor, will enrich you with delight and unforgettable pleasure. Our boat cruise is your chance to have the time of your life!

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Book a Luxurious Sunset Dinner Cruise in Dubai

Booking the Dubai Dinner Cruise is definitely worth a try if you strive for an amazing sailing experience. Nowadays, online booking is as easy as ABC, and everybody can charter a beautiful Sunset Cruise with a single click. Just imagine how magical it would feel to get the best service Dubai has to offer while watching a breathtaking sunset over peaceful azure waters. Once you are on board, the welcoming crew of experienced sailors and caterers will be glad to fulfill any of your whims. Moreover, a cruise dinner will never leave you indifferent, having so much sophistication and thorough preparations to it that you will definitely feel food melting in your mouth.

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Sunset Dinner Cruise Includes

For those cherishing a high-quality Sunset Cruise with Dinner, there are multiple food options to choose from.

Overall, you will have gorgeously cooked meat or fish with steamed basmati rice, vegetables, and more for the main course. In addition, there will be an excellent choice for healthy, low-calorie salads with smoked salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, and other fresh ingredients. Dinner Cruise live stations with delicious homemade spaghetti, cream cheese, and pesto are also at your disposal. If you have a sweet tooth, the variety of desserts will make you feel on top of the world. Allow yourself to be seduced by the appetizing brownies, pies, and cakes, tuck into fruit salads, and so on. While enjoying dishes, many would also have a rare chance to try the flavor of exquisite refreshing drinks.

Our Additional Services

Live Musician

We provide a live musician for all our clients. Combine your wonderful marine experience with some soft music on board.

Red Carpet Entry

Derive pleasure from having a red carpet photo session with our best photographers.

Live Cooking Station

For food geeks and all interested in culinary art, we also have live cooking stations where you can watch impressive demonstrations from our chefs.

International Buffet

On our Dinner Cruise, you can taste food from all over the world with the International Buffet!

Book now your most extravagant cruise from the water!

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Sunset Cruise in Dubai: Route

Book a Sunset Dinner Cruise Dubai, taste a delicious meal, grab a drink and get ready for a mesmerizing marine trip. Cruise duration, on average, takes seven days, so you will have plenty of time to relax. During your magical evening cruise, you will sail past the Marina, where you can observe the world’s tallest block of towers. And you will also see the Cayan Tower - a genuine architectural miracle. Moreover, the Jumeirah Beach Residence will most likely captivate you with its magnificence and grandeur. Needless to say, a great addition to your romantic evening dinner cruise will be the comfortable design of the yachts with panoramic windows allowing you to relish skyscraping sights.


How much does it cost to bring children?

Taking children below the age of 3 on the boat is free of charge. Nevertheless, we request you to tell us the number of children beforehand.

Will I have a private table?

Yes, of course. There will be a private table for you and all your companions.

Which parking facilities do you have?

We highly recommend the Marina Mall parking slot. There you can park for 3 hours with no charges.

Sunset Cruise Dubai: Photo moments

Take a look at photo moments from a luxury dinner cruise.

Why should you choose CharterClick?

If you are willing to add a hint of sea romance to your life, there is no better way to do so than by booking our Sunset Cruise. For lovers of mouth-watering seafood and other culinary delights, our Dinner Cruises are the perfect solution.

What Customers Say About Us

We are trusted, but you had better check it for yourself.

Your Dubai itinerary is waiting for you!

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