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About Us

As a young team of professionals with a hospitality background, we have been observing a vessel rental business for quite some time now. We do strongly believe, that in this day and age, even the most complicated task could be accomplished with just a couple of clicks, especially when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

That is why we decided to turn all our ideas into CharterClick – world’s most convenient vessel booking service.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to rent a yacht for a birthday party or a boat for a fishing trip, and there are hundreds of renting companies all over the world, who are ready to indulge all their enquiries, no matter how exquisite or demanding they can be. But the very process, that eventually should make a client’s wish a reality, is usually the most dreadful and inconvenient for both parties. To get what you want, you need to contact the company by phone, or send a numerous amount of emails, you have to confirm time and date to make sure it is available, you have to specifically mention all your requirements to the rental agent – and in case something changes, you have to go through this procedure all over again.

But we believe this is not how booking business should work today, and we are willing to change it.

Our vision is very simple – if you wish to book a vessel for a specific occasion, it should be done in a few clicks.Yes, just like that.

We do believe, that there should be no phone calls, no correspondence with booking agents, no itineraries – nothing. And that is why CharterClick gives you all the tools to control your booking from start to finish.

We do believe, that if you clearly know what you want and when you want it, you should be able to choose from hundreds of vessels that are only one click away from delivering the exact experience you are willing to get. And that is why CharterClick has hundreds of vessels in its database, so you are be able to choose a boat that fits all your requirements.

We do believe, that there is no need for a fine print or additional charges for the things you did not expect – you get exactly what you chose on a screen of your smartphone or computer. And that is why CharterClick has no hidden fees, and let’s you know exactly what you are paying for, before you are finally ready to make your decision.

We do believe, that no two experiences should be the same. And that is why CharterClick gives you a total control over search criteria customization, that could be instantly changed on the fly, and there will be no need to reconfirm a single thing with anyone but you.

We do believe, that the joy you are expecting from your water journey should not be overshadowed by the complicated process of booking your yacht or a fishing boat. That is why the ultimate mission of CharterClick is to become synonymous with the definition of vessel booking service – to become the easiest, fastest and most convenient place to start your water journey in just a few clicks.