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The Dubai Sights Seen From The Deck!

The Dubai Sights Seen From The Deck!

We all spend most of our time on the roads of Dubai, so now is the time to experience this incredible city from the water. We’ve all seen the iconic skyline when driving down Sheikh Zayed road, why not try to spot the tallest building in the world from onboard a luxurious yacht instead?      

                                                                 The Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach and Jumeirah Islands

Nothing compares to that feeling when the warm sun is on your face and the cool sea wind is blowing through your hair. Step on deck aboard your private yacht and take in the stunning views of the Jumeirah high-rises as you sail out on to the sparkling blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Grab your camera and snap photos of the Palm Jumeirah as your yacht cruises around this beautiful manmade archipelago. Designed in the shape of a palm tree, each curving frond of the island is lined with expensive villas and residential complexes overlooking the water. On the Palm you will come across the majestic Atlantis along with many other opulent 5* hotels; all of which will definitely be a treat for your Snapchat and Instagram followers. Revel in the views of Dubai’s skyscrapers stretched along the coast and don’t miss the famous 7* sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab hotel; it has been Dubai’s pride and joy for many years now. You can also sometimes have your cruise take you to see the Jumeirah Islands; a picturesque, self-contained community of 50 islands. You will most certainly enjoy the serene surroundings of quaint walkways, lush greenery and crystal waterfalls. This whole stretch of Dubai is a must see!

                                                                                                                 The Dubai Marina 

There are a lot of yachts that will pass through the Dubai Marina; a bustling high-rise district home to residential and serviced apartments and many hotel towers. Not to mention its array of entertainment venues and restaurants as well as the Dubai Marina Mall that one cannot miss. This dynamic area has now grown into an extremely popular waterfront lifestyle destination with marinas, beaches within walking distance and a walkway promenade. Tourists and residents alike can be found strolling or cycling throughout the Marina along winding promenades. There is also the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) which is a master development in its own right, fronting Dubai Marina along the shoreline with food trucks, mini markets, water activities and much more. 

                                                                                            The Dubai Canal & Business Bay



The Canal is an impressive 3.2km stretch that cuts through Dubai’s main road (Sheikh Zayed Road), across Safa Park and into the residential Jumeirah district, eventually connecting with the Arabian Gulf. The Canal’s banks are still under construction and will soon be flanked by several lifestyle and leisure developments; including hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. There is a mechanical waterfall, where the Canal meets the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge, which changes colour at night and adds to the incredible design of this man-made wonder. This motion-operated waterfall pumps water through the bridge in a constant flow, visible from the promenade, and can be switched off when a sensor detects a boat nearby. On either side of the bridge stretches the famous Sheikh Zayed Road with its skyscrapers that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Each building rivals the next with its unique design and architecture. The one that will most definitely stand out to you is of course the Burj Khalifa (better known as the tallest building in the world). The Canal finally touches Business Bay which features more skyscrapers that leave you in awe of this incredible city.