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6 Party clubs accessible by yacht

6 Party clubs accessible by yacht

Who doesn't like a flashy entrance? We have all dreamt about it - arriving to a party in a limo, to a club in a helicopter or just showing up in a top notch outfit - we have all been there. But in the world of luxury vessels, it's not that easy to impress people, who spend their every weekend on board of a yacht. And we are not going to even try - instead, we did a small research, and compiled a list of some clubs all over the world, that can be accessed by a boat or a yacht. These are, of course, just a drop in the ocean, but we just want to give you an idea for your next outing in our beautiful city - why don't you just rent a yacht in Dubai, and arrive to Blue Marlin in style?

The Deck, Miami

Sometimes referred to as "Miami's yachting elite getaway", this place is not only a club, but also a very popular hub for all the marine and yachting enthusiasts of Miami. A part of Island Gardens Marina, this place is located right in between a luxury hotel and a posh restaurant, and attracts a numerous amount of visitors to its al fresco party pad every single day. But even if you can't arrive here in a yacht, this place is till very much worth a visit - The Deck provides one of the most spectacular views of Miami's downtown.

Le Club 55, Saint-Tropez

This sandy place has long been a symbol of Saint-Tropez's luxurious lifestyle. Reservations here are a must - don't expect just to walk in, that's most probably not gonna work. What you can expect though, is a probable encounter with someone famous - this place is known to be a favourite among many famous Hollywood and International celebrities (think Beyoncé).

Phi Beach, Sardinia

Part beach/part rock (stones, not music) club, Phi Beach is considered to be one of the most secluded establishments of Sardinia. Located right on the edge of the shoreline, this is a perfect place for any occasion you might think of - either it's a quiet and intimate private dinner, or a mind-numbingly loud birthday bash.

Le Baoli, Cannes

There are two Le Baoli sites in Cannes - one of them is, of course, a beach club, another one is a club/restaurant. If you are a movie buff and personally travel to the biggest film festivals of the world, you should definitely visit Le Baolli during Cannes Film Festival - this places is pretty used to hosting some of the biggest Hollywood stars year after year.

River Yacht Club, Miami

Well, the name says it all - this is one of the most popular spots among yacht owners of Miami. With a 120m of dockage, this private club has plenty of space for yachting enthusiasts. Local seafood dishes and a rooftop lounge serve as a nice addition to the overall package, making River Yacht club the place to be for many boat enthusiasts of Florida.

Scorpios, Mykonos

Located at Paraga Beach of Mykonos, Scorpios resembles an old tribal settlement. But make no mistake - this is one of the most attractive places for the local clubbing scene of the island. And even though this place is a lot less formal then previous clubs on this list, you still have a chance to come here on a yacht, and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of the house - Scorpios's center building, that was built with an ancient Greek concept of Agora in mind.