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The most instagrammable place in Dubai

The most instagrammable place in Dubai

From the first glance at the name of the article, you probably had guessed the place already. And while Dubai has a ton of landmarks for tourists to visit, nowadays the city is mostly associated with either of two world-renowned properties - Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab. The sail-shaped seven start hotel is, of course, older than the tallest building in the world, but it is also one of those places where you can't just walk in. To get inside Burj Al Arab, you'll have to either have a room on the artificial island the hotel stands on, or a reservation in one of its fine dining restaurants. Otherwise, security just won't let you through. So the fact that Burj Khalifa is officially the most instagrammable place in Dubai does not really surprise us at all. The location of the spire just adds to the overall value - lots of tourists start their morning with a coffee in Dubai Mall, and spend the whole day there, roaming through numerous shops. And in the evening they usually end up by Dubai Fountain for the performance, so there's no chance they would let the opportunity to take the picture of the Burj Khalifa pass. It's true that you can't just enter the building all of a sudden - after all, this is, first and foremost, a residential building. If you still want to feel like a resident of the tallest building in the world, you can always book yourself a room in Armani Hotel, that's located on the lowest floors of the tower. All in all, Burj Khalifa is a perfect place to take a selfie or another picture for your Instagram, but if you want too have a slightly different perspective of Dubai in general (and Burj in particular), we have something else in mind for you.

According to numerous polls, Dubai has earned itself a quite prestigious title of having one of the best skylines in the world. Which is absolutely remarkable, if you think that this Emirate is just 45 years old (about to be 46 in December of 2017). So why would you choose just one of two landmarks to have a look at, when you can admire the whole skyline of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which would only take you three to five hours? If you just rent a yacht in Dubai, you can start your journey in either Dubai Marina or Umm Suqeim (depending on the boat you choose), and from there on you are free to explore. If you start your trip in fishing harbour, you can reach Burj Al Arab in just ten minutes, but this time you would not need a reservation to come close to the hotel. And seeing Burj Al Arab from water is a whole different story - only this way will you be able to admire the magnificence of the island Burj Al Arab was built upon. Everyone has seen the hotel from the sidewalk, but not that many have seen it from the board of a yacht. After that, you are free to sail towards either Palm Jumeirah, or even straight into Dubai Water Canal. We advise you to choose a later destination, so you can first see the incredible Marina skyline on your way to the canal, and then meet the sun halfway, while sailing through the newest water artery in town. You will be able to perfectly see the whole downtown skyline, with Emirates Towers, The Gate and Burj Khalifa standing right in front of you.

Now that's an Instagram picture worth liking! And if you want to see our pictures from Dubai and the rest of the world, please follow us on Instagram.