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A perfect time to come to Dubai

A perfect time to come to Dubai

If an opinion of one respected travel magazines is not quite enough for you to justify a trip to Dubai, then maybe an opinion piece from Conde Nast traveller will finally make you book your ticket . Each year, they make a list of the best destinations you should definitely visit during autumn/winter months, and it comes as no surprise that Dubai makes it to that list pretty regularly. Sure, there are plenty more countries you can visit, but with November just a couple of months away, you definitely should consider coming to one of the seven Emirates. Whether you are coming alone or with a bunch of friends or family, you will always be able to find something that would suite you. One of the most obvious choices for leisure seekers is, of course, to book a hotel on The Palm Jumeirah - one of the many signature places in Dubai. Those rooms are not always cheap, but come with lots of complementary features, so there's, obviously, lots additional value to the price tag. 

Each hotel here has a private 100+ meters beach, so you can be completely sure you will not be disturbed. If you are not that into quiet beach sessions under the Middle Eastern sun, then you can always get a room somewhere in Downtown as an alternative. There are plenty of luxury hotels located along the main transport artery of Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road - so you have many different properties to choose from. These Downtown hotels will be perfect for thousands of shopaholics from all over the world, who come to Dubai to take advantage of numerous shopping malls, that are quickly becoming a Dubai landmark in themselves. Besides world-renowned Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, there are tens of smaller shopping establishments in the city (check Jumeirah 1 district if you are interested), where you even be able to discover some unique local brands you have never heard about before. And there are, of course, Spice, Gold and Old Souqs in the old part of town - not quite malls, but definitely worth your attention for a different shopping experience alone. And of course you can always stay either in Burj Khalifa's Armani hotel or a seven star Burj Al Arab - although be ready to spend some serious cash or extensively use your credit card(s), because those places are by no means cheap. Recently, a new trend has emerged among the flow of international tourist who come to Dubai - art savvy millennials. These twenty-somethings are coming to Dubai mainly to explore the local culture and art scenes, and are not willing to pay much for their accommodation. If you are one of them, you can, of course, either use AirBnB or check out a newly emerged chain of budget hotels called Rove, where the rooms may come as cheap as 30$ per night.

But whoever you are and wherever you might be staying in this beautiful city of ours, we can at least agree about one thing - it is always a great idea to rent a boat in Dubai, and explore it from water. Especially in November - December, when the humidity is not that harsh, and you can actually feel that sea breeze on your face. A couple of hours would be more than enough to see the whole Palm Jumeirah (whether you are staying on the island or not), and adding one more extra hour to your trip would even let you swim close to Burj Al Arab as well. Or maybe grab all your friends and head straight to Dubai Water Canal for an ultimate party, or just kill the engine, and try to nail that authentic shot of a legendary Dubai skyline. The choice is, obviously, yours - all we are trying to say here, is that a yacht trip in Dubai is definitely an experience you should try while you are here. Trust us with this one!