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Autumn season in Dubai

Autumn season in Dubai

Dubai has once again proven its worth - a popular leisure tourism blog and magazine has included the Emirate in its list of 25 destinations you should definitely visit during autumn/winter months.

And we could not agree more - once the summer heat goes away, Dubai becomes one of the best places to be on Earth. Thousands of tourists come here during September - December, but it doesn't really mean that the city itself gets too crowded (unless it's Christmas Eve or New Year). Sure, you will have a lot more encounters with tourists and local residents on Fridays (especially in malls or other popular destinations), but that has nothing to do with the overall increase of people visiting from abroad. While it may be quite problematic to stroll down the sidewalk in July here, you should definitely spend a lot more time outside in October or November. Try visiting JBR The walk or Boxpark - we bet you will spot five - six new establishments you never knew popped up there during summer. Go visit Global Village, chill in the Burj Park or just sit on the balcony of your hotel room - the choice is all yours. Autumn months are usually the sign of the beginning of the new season for everything - from newest performances in Dubai Opera, to concerts like Party In The Park (fans of Oasis will be especially pleased with the 2017 lineup) and gigs at Autism Rocks Arena. But a slight drop in temperature doesn't mean that you have to cancel all your beach plans - you are still welcome to dedicate a couple of hours (or maybe a whole day - who knows?) to lying on the beach and relaxing. It's just that the chances of getting a severe sunburn during these autumn months are not that high, if you know what we mean.

There are, of course, some alternatives to spending your days on the land, and we are definitely very excited about them. Instead of doing your usual tourist routine, you can always switch the things up, and rent a yacht in Dubai, so you can experience this beautiful city from another perspective. The cool autumn sea breeze will always keep you company (that is if your friends won't), and you can experience most of the iconic Dubai landmarks in just three - four hours. You may finish things off with a quiet sundowner or a romantic dinner, and in case you just don't want to stop, you are welcome to throw an ultimate party with Atlantis (or any other landmark of your choice, really) on your backdrop. We would be glad to suggest some general routes, but the last word should always be yours.

So here you have it - if you've always wanted to come to Dubai, but hesitated because of the heat and humidity, now is your chance to get the most out of Dubai - the city of ultimate Arabian luxury. And if you already here, you surely know what to do.

See you on board!