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Places for romantic dinner in Dubai

Places for romantic dinner in Dubai
Let’s face it - we all know Dubai is a lot of fun. From sandy beaches and a plethora of water sport activities, to futuristic museums and the biggest shopping mall in the world, our beautiful city has something for everyone, whether you are an adventurous teenager, or an elderly couple traveling the world. But sometimes you just want to spend an evening alone with the person you love the most, far from the hustle of the big city. Have no fear - the biggest UAE emirate is a perfect place to spend those precious moments with your significant other. We’ve tried to round up the best possible options you might want to consider.

Dinner In A Restaurant

Well, it’s no surprise that the first thing that may come to your mind is to have a private romantic diner in one of the many establishments of Dubai. And we won’t judge - a candlelit dinner in, let’s say, one of the posh French restaurants, would definitely be one to remember. You can even find a couple of annual “Best Romantic Places” lists in some of the local publications, so you can plan your outing an advance, depending on what kind of place you want to dine in, and what meals to have. There are plenty of romantic places in Dubai that couples can check out - if Three Michelin stars and swanky bars are not for you, we highly recommend to stop by a boutique cafe or an outdoor terrace somewhere in the city; or you can have a seat in one of the hookah bars alongside the Marina Promenade, and enjoy some of the best shisha in town. No matter if it’s your anniversary or everybody’s favorite Valentines day, you can be absolutely sure - Dubai will always help you find a new way to surprise your partner.

Dinner On The Beach

The other option we suggest is to have a romantic dinner somewhere in the sand of Dubai beaches. And because you want that dinner to be extra special, you, of course, would not want to be disturbed by the bystanders or occasional passer-byes. That’s why we recommend to book a room in one of the many properties in Dubai, so you can be sure no one will interfere. There’s no better place to go to than Palm Jumeirah - a man-made island, that is a home to numerous five start hotels of the world’s most renowned brands. Each and every hotel on the Palm has its own private beach, and the staff would be more than happy to help you out with any extra arrangements you may have in mind - from sophisticated setups to hand-tailored menus. Another perfect setup for a romantic evening would be a private dhow cruise somewhere in the Creek - these trips would also be a perfect occasion to see the old part of Dubai, while enjoying some local cuisine.

Yacht Cruise Dinner

If land is just not your thing, and you prefer swimming to hiking, we have a perfect solution for you - spend a romantic dinner on a yacht. It can start as a sunset dinner cruise, and finish late at night somewhere in the newly opened Dubai Water Canal - the choice of a final route is completely up to you. Trust us - nothing beats a dinner on a boat, especially in Dubai, a home of one of (if not the) the most beautiful skylines in the whole world. You can rent a yacht and pay for it online at CharterClick in a matter of minutes, so you can spend the rest of your precious time planning the route and creating your special romantic menu. All the available boats are private, which means that you can forget about the outside world, and enjoy those intimate moments - our professional captains and crew will take care of everything for you. If it starts getting windy, you can always move, and continue your evening inside the boat’s cabin. You, of course, can also spend the whole night onboard, and have a lovely breakfast next morning with the first rays of the new rising sun. CharterClick let’s you book and plan everything in advance, so you can be sure that nothing will spoil your perfect romantic yacht cruise. Be smart, book online at CharterClick.com