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Why You Should Celebrate New Year’s On A Yacht In Dubai

Why You Should Celebrate New Year’s On A Yacht In Dubai

What better way to bring in the coming year than welcoming it on board of a luxury yacht? Witness the world-famous Dubai fireworks display with the breathtaking skyscrapers and landmarks in the background.

There are special offers available ranging from the cheapest AED 7500, to AED 45,000 and the most expensive being AED 110,000. Depending on which yacht type you choose and whether you want refreshments included or not, the price differs. The yachts leave mainly from the Dubai Marina or Umm Suqeim. 

So why spend New Year’s Eve on a yacht rather than at a club or in the city itself?

Every major city in the world overflows with tourists and locals alike for New Year’s. The last thing you want to be doing is being stuck in traffic and mayhem on the streets of Dubai. Many tell stories about the time they didn’t even manage to reach their destination and had to get out of their cars on the road itself and celebrate as they hadn’t moved for hours. So beat the traffic and navigate through the calm waters aboard your luxury yacht!

If you’re someone who hates crowds then a yacht is perfect; you can avoid the usual pushing and shoving that takes place when people rush to see the fireworks. Moreover, you can have your friends and loved ones around you and that’s so important! What’s more, from the music to food and beverage, everything will be in your hands and you can organise your New Year’s party exactly as you’d like it to be. Some packages even include a BBQ and refreshments.