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Christmas And New Year In Dubai

Christmas And New Year In Dubai

Even though both New Year and Christmas are still 10 months away, it is never too late to prepare. Especially if we are talking about New Year in Dubai - one of the most popular destinations to ring a new set of 365 days in. And even though there are tons of options you can choose from, we still decided to give some suggestions of our own.


This New Year 2019 the city will literally host thousands of events, and most of them, naturally, will involve some kind of a feast. Hundreds of restaurants will open up their reservations a couple of months in advance, so you can take your time and choose exactly what you were looking for. The variety is enormous - from social gatherings in noisy and cheerful Deira establishments, to slightly more expensive packages in local hotels, or even posh celebrations somewhere in Downtown, right at the bottom of Burj Khalifa, that may (or may not) have another record breaking fireworks display this year. If you are more of a Christmas person, you would not feel left out as well - Christmas holidays in Dubai are filled with joy, entertainment and numerous places to shop or just have fun. The most common way to celebrate would, of course, be a Christmas brunch in Dubai - the options are plenty, menus different and settings vary from casual to super luxurious.


Another option you might choose is one of the many Christmas markets you can visit during festive season - whether it’s a Christmas market somewhere in Festival City with its mind bending laser projections and performances, or a quieter market somewhere in Dubai Marina Mall, where you will be able to meet Santa himself and ask for an appropriate present. In general, the festive season in Dubai is usually being accompanied by numerous sales, shopping festivals and different exhibitions - keeping all this in mind, we’re sure that you will definitely find a thing or two to entertain yourself and your family.

A New Year Cruise In Dubai

You might not yet be aware of it, but there’s great alternative to spending hours in traffic after the clock strikes 12, and still not missing a single second of a beautiful firework display. A private yacht charter cruise is exactly the way you need to celebrate New Year in style. Not only will you be able to avoid the usual hassle that always accompanies this massive public events, but will also get a first row ticket to a remarkable firework extravaganza. Add a private customization to the whole event (your own menu, theme and guest list), and you have a perfect party on your hands. Offers are usually available around month in advance, so you have plenty of time to plan the whole thing. Celebrate a New Year on board of your private yacht, and create a story for the ages!