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Dubai Marina – yacht cruises

Dubai Marina – yacht cruises

Everybody loves them some Dubai Marina, right? With its luxury restaurants in Pier 7, luxury shops in Dubai Marina Mall and magnificent views of The Walk, this place has been a crowd favourite since the establishment in 2003. Inspired by the development along Vancouver’s False Creek in Canada, Dubai Marina has slowly transformed itself into a true Dubai landmark. And because it is being built in phases, you never know what will pop up in the area next. In general, Marina can be easily divided into two parts: Jumeirah Beach Residence (which can also be divided into JBR The Beach and JBR The Walk), and Marina Promenade. If you are new in town or just visiting, you can easily get there either by tram or metro - the public transportation system is next to flawless in the Emirate. And it doesn’t really matter if you are here for a shopping spree in Marina Mall or for an evening stroll along the Promenade - there is no way you can leave without having a yacht trip. And speaking of a yacht rental, we have something to tell you about it.

Cruises And Yacht Trips From Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, as you might have guessed, is a perfect destination for marine lovers. It is also a home of Dubai Marina Yacht Club - one of the two main piers in the area. From here, of from a nearby Promenade pier, you can start your yacht cruise in no time. However, before you set sail into the jade waters of the Gulf, you can visit one of the many restaurants in the area for a breakfast or lunch. Once the hunger is gone, you are ready to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world - get ready to get your mind blown by the most magnificent skyline in the world, man-made water canals and islands, and a set of five star luxury hotels standing one right next to the other. Oh, and did we mention the only seven star hotel in the world? Now we did! But before you finally decide to settle for a Dubai Marina cruise booking, you need to know what exactly you can expect from it. Have no fear - we are here to help you out. First of all, if you decide to go yachting for just two hours, you have two options - to either go around Palm Jumeirah, or go see Burj Al Arab from water. If you choose to go around The Palm, you will be able to see the whole bunch of five star luxury hotels, that are located along two fronds of the island. And, of course, you will not avoid the crown jewel of Palm Jumeirah - Atlantis The Palm, located right in between two fronds. Go the other way, and you will reach Burj Al Arab - the only seven star hotel in the world. If you’d want to visit the hotel from the land, you would either need a restaurant or room reservation - passersby are not allowed on the island. But if you book a yacht, you can easily visit this landmark from the other side, and admire it from a close distance. If you want to visit both Palm and Burj Al Arab, you should book a yacht for three hours, so you have plenty of time to make some gorgeous pictures. Four hours will be more than enough to reach Dubai Water Canal - the newest water artery in the city. Winding through Business Bay, Dubai Water Canal became a perfect destination for everyone, who wants to see the Downtown from the inside. If you are heading to Canal, we recommend to book a cruise after the sun sets down, so you can experience going through the waterfall of a Rainbow (Al Garhoud) Bridge. We won’t spoil the fun - trust us, it is as awesome as it sounds. If you want to cover all the usual bases, plus visit The World Islands - another man-made archipelago of Dubai - you should book a yacht trip for five hours, so you can forget about the lack of time. You can also take a dip if you want - two swimming spots are located in Marina and near the eastern frond of the Palm. But please keep in mind, that swimming is not allowed after the sunset.

Yacht Rental Prices

You can always check yacht rental prices in Dubai Marina by entering the date of your trip, starting time, duration and the amount of people you are bringing along with you. You will then see the list of all the available options, and be able to book and pay for your trip online. And because our Dubai fleet already consists of 53 (and counting!) boats, we are sure you will definitely find the price you were looking for. The range is truly remarkable - from trips on small boats that would cost you just AED 299 per hour, to cruises on 100ft+ yachts for a pricy cost of AED 5000 per hour. The choice, as we always say, is yours - whether you are looking for an intimate trip for two, or are about to throw an ultimate marine party for a group of 40, you can always be sure to find your dream boat on CharterClick.com