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Yacht Cruises In Dubai: How To Get The Best Deal?

Yacht Cruises In Dubai: How To Get The Best Deal?

The crazy Dubai lifestyle can take a toll on even the best of us, but we never want to stop making the most of it! Taking a yacht cruise may sound like an extremely expensive activity, nonetheless it’s an incredible experience that has to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones alike. So why not try and be smart about it and get the best deal you can? Here are a few tips:

     • When you’re booking, think about doing it as early as possible. If you book well in advance then the prices can be lower, especially if you look off season. Dubai is busy pretty much all year round but there are certain months like September when everyone goes back to work. You will probably be having the holiday blues after having traveled during the summer, so come back to the perfect yacht cruise to help you unwind and relax before getting back to the hustle and grind of work life. Moreover, if you try to book during the week, rates are usually lower due to less demand.    

    • Taking your close friends, family or even colleagues on a yacht cruise is a great bonding activity. Invite as many people as you can think of because the larger the group, the higher the discount. What’s more, the more people there are, the less each person has to pay individually. The more the merrier!   

    • If you are planning a yacht cruise amongst colleagues or your company wants to organize a team-building experience, there is always the option of asking for a corporate discount. Just flash your business card and cross your fingers for a reduction! However, be careful not to “accidentally” push one of your colleagues off of the yacht; companies will not pay for the ensuing damage caused.    

    • Booking online is the quickest and easiest way to reserve your yacht! All you have to do is go onto the CharterClick website and find the best deal available!    

You should be rearing and ready to book your yacht cruise after reading all of this because let’s be honest, who would ever say no to one? It’s not every day that you experience this incredible city from a private yacht - don’t wait and book now!