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3 must-see diving spots you should visit with CharterClick

3 must-see diving spots you should visit with CharterClick

As we are nearing an imminent announcement of some of the most requested features on CharterClick, we would like to talk about something a little bit different today. We are often asked about adding some water sport activities as an addition to yacht charters, so we are working tirelessly to implement those features as soon as possible. But before we do, we wanted to tell you about some of our most favourite diving spots in UAE, Oman and Cyprus, so you can start packing your scuba equipment the very moment you finish reading this post.

Zenobia Wreck - Cyprus

This spot in Larnaca is only 16 meters deep, but it's not the bottom that attracts hundreds of divers, but what lies on it. MS Zenobia, a Swedish built ferry, sank in the Greek waters in June of 1980, and has been attracting divers from all over the world ever since. The Times magazine has even included this spot in its "Top 10 diving spots in the world" list. The starboard side of the ship can be reached by submerging to a depth of 16 meters, but for those who consider themselves professionals, the journey should not end there. The deepest room on Zenobia is the second car deck, and lies 42 meters deep. But exercise extreme caution - if it's your first dive, we definitely would not recommend going all the way down. Just start slow, and then increase your diving depth a session after session.

Al Munassir Wreck - Oman

We all know it for a fact - there's no shortage of man-made objects in GCC region. Artificial marinas, islands, ski slopes - you name it. But wait, it gets better - in 2003, The Royal Navy Of Oman sank Al Munasir, with a sole purpose of creating an artificial reef near Muscat. It totally worked, and now the site is home to many sea life species, including Moray Eels, Snappers and Angelfish. Al Munasir's carcass can be found on a depth of 30 meters, and has already become a local landmark among the members of GCC diving scene.

Inchcape 1 - UAE

Deliberately sunk by the shipping company that owned it in 2001, Inchcape 1 lies just 30 meters deep on the Gulf bottom near Fujairah in UAE. The vessel still remains largely intact (minus what you would logically expect from a sunken ship), and is now home to the whole plethora of local sea life, such as Pufferfish, Barracuda, Yellow Jacks, Snappers, Moray Eels, etc. Here's just a small suggestion - why don't you rent a yacht in Dubai for a couple of days - go fishing, exploring the local skyline, get a tan or just hang out with your friends (or maybe throw a party on a deck for a change). You can then set sail to the neighbouring Emirate, where you can go diving, and admire the colors of sophisticated sea organisms. In other words - a yacht cruise in Dubai is never boring, especially when you are the one who decides where to go next!