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Things to do and places to see in Abu Dhabi

Things to do and places to see in Abu Dhabi

Usually, when people hear about United Arab Emirates, the conversation, most probably, concerns the busiest Emirate in the Country - Dubai. And this comes as no surprise - after all, how can you not mention the tallest building in the world, the biggest mall, the most luxurious hotel, etc. Case and point - by solely concentrating their attention on Dubai, people are destined to miss out on another beautiful Emirate, that has established itself as a proud capital of the country. Enter Abu Dhabi - very green, calm and futuristic place, that is often being ignored by the public. That’s why we decided to compile a small list of tourist spots you just can’t miss, if you are coming to UAE. And even if you are staying in Dubai, we suggest you hop into your car, and drive to Abu Dhabi (just and hour of a drive), where you will be able to rediscover the very spirit of unity, that this country was built upon.

What To Do In Abu Dhabi

If you have ever peeked out of the plane window while flying above Abu Dhabi, you may’ve already seen a very strange red structure, with the Ferrari logo dead in the center. Ferrari Park looks even better from the inside, with red color (of course!) being the most predominant. And this being UAE, you can expect a lot of “world’s only” attached to it. Nowhere else will you be able to find another Ferrari-branded theme park, so if you are a fan of luxurious Italian cars, you definitely should visit this place with a family. Ferrari Park is a home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, that can gain a speed of 250 kilometres per hour in just 5 seconds - this is the safest(and, quite frankly, the cheapest) way for you to experience the thrill of driving this fast, without a danger of getting a speeding ticket. There are numerous amounts of souvenir shops inside, where you will be able to purchase a Ferrari branded trinkets, that will always remind you about all that fun you had at the Ferrari realm. Among dozens of other attraction in Ferrari Park, we would also highly recommend the one called Flying Aces - trust us, you will never forget that loop.

If you are more into sightseeing, we would suggest you visit an Arabian Wildlife Park at Sir Bani Yas Island. With an area of more than ten thousand square kilometres, it’s a home to around one hundred different species. One of the most popular activities here is, of course, a wildlife safari. The trusty local guides know all the best points of interest that you need to visit, and will be glad and ready to help you out. If you want stay for a night, there are a couple of five star luxury hotels nearby, where you’ll be able to relax and rest after an eventful tour. Keep in mind, that this is not going to be your usual trip to the zoo - cheetahs, giraffes, flamingos, oryxes and many other wild species will be in a very close proximity, so keep your phones and cameras ready - do not miss that perfect shot! This trip is a perfect match for families, that want to discover another side of UAE, and stay away from the signature dune bashing. So if you just want to stay away from all the action of modern city, and looking for something to soothe your mind, we cannot recommend a visit to Wildlife Park enough.

If you are a Formula 1 fan, then you probably know where we are going next. One of the most popular tourist places in Abu Dhabi is Yas Circuit - a famous racing track, that hosts the final race of the season every December. One of the most fun things to do here is try the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track by yourself - depending on the vehicle, you will either be able to drive the car, or sit next to a professional driver. If a speedy ride is not enough for you, and you are still looking for some additional entertainment, we’ve got you covered! There are a couple of places you can go to from here - there’s Viceroy right next to the track (you can see and hear cars swirling right from your room), a water park, theme park and a couple of other luxury properties. But since you are already on Yas island, we would recommend you to visit the biggest mall in the Emirate - Yas Mall. Another signature Yas property, Yas Mall would indulge even the most demanding shopper in you - just be careful not to empty those credit cards of yours.
There are lots of other things to do in Abu Dhabi, and we wish we could list them all, but in most cases visitors do not have that much time to spend on roaming around this beautiful city. But for those of you with a little bit more time, we have a couple more destinations to visit, and properties to see. So let’s go!

Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

From “What to do?” to “What to see?” - Abu Dhabi has plenty of properties to check out, but we would mention just a couple of them - essentials, so to speak.

We think that if you’d ask what defines Abu Dhabi today, you’d probably get the same answer eight out of ten times. And the answer would definitely be Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The project was initially launched by Sheikh Zayed himself, and now serves as a constant reminder of the unity of the nation. Located right by the shore of the Gulf, the biggest mosque in the country serves as a gathering place for tens of thousands of people, who come to pray here every day. We could really try to describe the beauty of it, but no word can match the grandeur of this majestic place. The mixture of water reflections, white stone, numerous arches and peaceful silence should really be experienced in person. We highly recommend to visit the mosque during the golden hour in the evening, right before the sundowner. The entrance is free, but has a very strict dress code policy - please keep it in mind. Women will be provided with abayas to cover themselves, while men are asked not to wear shorts on the premises. Once you are inside, you are free to explore the place, which, we are absolutely sure, would not leave you unimpressed. The white marble columns, huge chandeliers covered in Swarovski crystals, world’s biggest carpet and serene pool outside - Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a true state-of-the-art masterpiece.

Another landmark that is often being associated with Abu Dhabi is Emirates Palace - a five star luxury hotel, that represents the highest levels of Arabian hospitality. With a 1.3 kilometres of a private beach, it usually considered to be the start of Abu Dhabi Corniche (we’ll talk about it a little bit later). Emirates Palace has 394 residences (302 rooms and 92 suites), and is considered to be one of the most luxurious properties in the country. Most of the suites are featuring gold and/or marble furnishing, and the central dome of the hotel is picked in gold. With all these remarkable features, it is no surprise that this place attracts a lot of celebrities. For example, the hotel can be seen in Fast And Furious 7, and the local premier of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was also held here. Speaking of movies - if you wish to take a look at some of the buildings that were featured in Hollywood movies, you should definitely check out Etihad Towers(featured in one the most mind bending stunts of Fast And Furious 7), along with a nearby desert - a set for Episode’s VII’s Jakku.

Now it’s time to talk about Abu Dhabi Corniche. Reclaimed from the sea in 2003, Corniche is one of the most popular touristic attractions for both local population and citizens from abroad. Besides aforementioned Emirates Palace, you can also find Marina Mall here - one of the biggest shopping malls in Abu Dhabi. But the most prominent feature of Abu Dhabi Corniche is its skyline - local skyscrapers form a beautiful picture, especially at night. If you are wondering how exactly you can admire this beautiful skyline, we have a perfect solution. You can easily rent a boat in Abu Dhabi in just a couple of clicks, and enjoy this beautiful city from a completely different angle. But what if you are more into fishing? Do not worry - fishing in Abu Dhabi can also be arranged in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to worry about anything but the weight of your catch. Our experienced captains will be able to get you to the best fishing spots in no time, and your skills will do the rest. Both Emirates Palace and Sheikh Zayed Mosque can be experienced from a board of a luxury yacht as well, and we will make sure you have a plenty of time to take some marvelous pictures.

As you can see, the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi can now be experienced differently - no traffic jams, no artificial limits. Instead of spending a day at the beach resort, you can spend it aboard of a yacht! By renting a boat with us, you are setting sail into a different Abu Dhabi, full of incredible views and a light sea breeze.