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How to throw a yacht party in Dubai

How to throw a yacht party in Dubai

Well, may be over, but it seems like the next long weekend is just around the corner, and will coincide with Al Hijri - Islamic New Year - on September 21st. That's just two weeks away, and you can already start getting excited. Sometimes planning is the best part of taking a break, and we at CharterClick have a perfect suggestion about the way you should spend an upcoming prolonged weekend. Two words - yacht party. So to make sure you can throw an ultimate Dubai experience on board of a luxury yacht, we decided to create a list of things you will definitely need to consider first, before you can proclaim your next marine adventure the best in the whole Emirate. Let's start!

Planning is the key

And we can't stress this enough - you have to plan ahead. You need to. You must. Everything has to be taken into equation, because once you are on board, there is no turning back. Everyone is  ready to start the fun, and there's no way you can go back to the land, so you can pick up something (or someone) you didn't think of before. How big should the yacht be? How many people are there on your guest list? What kind of music? Do you need a DJ? What would the route be? And these are just basic questions from the top of our minds - every host has their own agenda, that would influence the final list of everything that needs to be checked. Luckily, we have your back here. With CharterClick, you can easily plan your trip up to 6 months ahead - once you book your trip with us, you will know the exact time and the date of departure, and you can easily communicate it to everyone who is coming along. You can check boat's every detail on its page, and make sure that everything you need is there. Need an AUX cable so you can plug your favourite device and play your preferred playlist? Or maybe an upper deck/dance floor is a must for your party? All the special features, along with some basic characteristics (capacity, length) can be easily found on the website, and there are plenty of photos to help you make your final decision. And if that's not enough, you can see the area you will be able to cover, depending on the duration of your trip (the final route is still up to you though). In other words, when it comes to planning, you can absolutely count on us.

Use everything you can

If you are aiming high, you'll definitely want to impress each and every one of your guests. That's why you need to know exactly what is available on board. As we have mentioned before, every special feature is listed on the page of a particular boat. That's how you'll know whether you need to bring you portable grill rack with you, or if there's one already available on board. Before you check out, you can request an ice box to be prepared just for you, so you will have a space to store your drinks. And speaking of drinks - you are absolutely welcome to bring your own food and beverages with you on board. Using everything you can is just an additional stage of planning, you know.

Know what you need

Before you can start doing all that busy planning, you need to know your crowd first. Is it a hen party, or is it a themed outing? Should everybody be dressed their best, or you don't really care? Is there a structure to everything that's going on, or you'll let everyone roam around the yacht as they please. We strongly suggest to make two list before you even think about planning - one for yourself, and the other one for everybody who is lucky enough to be invited. First, start filling the one for you, and with every new entry, think about the way it is going to impact your guests - then write it on the other list. Once you are done, you'll know what you need to prepare yourself, and what you need to communicate to your friends. Go ahead, that invitations are not going to write themselves.