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5 Things You Need to Know Before Making Your Yacht Booking!

5 Things You Need to Know Before Making Your Yacht Booking!

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Want to impress your date and take them on a private yacht cruise? Well look no further because you can book your yacht with CharterClick in just a jiffy. But what are the things that you absolutely need to know before-hand?

1. What is the yacht’s size and how many people can it accommodate?

Trust me, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to squeeze 30 people on to a 50 ft yacht (unless you invite your grumpy bosses and plot to make them walk the plank of shame). Always make sure you know the number of people you will be and enter this clearly on the website you are booking on, only then will you get the yacht size appropriately suited to your needs. 

2. Where is the pick up and drop off location and which route does the yacht take? 

Of course it would be great if your yacht came to pick you up right outside your house Uber-style, however unfortunately this is not possible. Therefore, it is important to clarify where exactly you need to hop on and off the yacht and what route it takes. Once that’s clear, you can quite happily practice your perfect selfie poses to take with the Burj al Arab in the back-ground. 

Attention : It is always better to get to the yacht 15 minutes in advance!

3. What are the yacht’s rental hours?

Make sure to book your yacht for the exact number of hours that you need it for to avoid any problems if there is another booking right after yours. So calculate enough hours to : sunbathe, sip on some drinks, grab a snack, take a dip or simply pass out after a long week of hard work - all that’s got to take you some time!

4. Is Food & Beverage included or does one bring their own?

For goodness sake don’t eat and drink if you have a tendency to get sea sick. To be honest, you should be taking pills with you rather than food if that’s the case. As for those of you who take to the water like fish, you can decide whether you want to book a package that provides food and drinks, or maybe you prefer to bring your own. Whatever floats your boat!

5. Are there any music restrictions?

We know you want to fist pump and get down with the boogie, just make sure not to disturb the seagulls. Don’t forget to find out whether the yacht is equipped with a good sound system, as well as the appropriate wires needed to make the sound waves sound as wavy as Calvin Harris. 

After ticking off these questions you should be ready to set sail! Now go renew your gym membership and get yourself in shape for a yacht cruise that you will definitely not forget.