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Yacht cruises and alcohol in Dubai

Yacht cruises and alcohol in Dubai

As you probably know, United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country. And Dubai, of course, is no exception to the general rule. The representatives of all religions, nationalities and ethnicities are all welcome in the busiest city of UAE, but if you were to take a look at local laws, then you would see that Islam is the basis for all of them. We will not be talking about UAE laws in general, but rather about one specific rule that everyone who wants to purchase or consume alcohol in Dubai has to abide by. Let’s have a few words about alcohol licensing, shall we?

It’s no secret, that Dubai is one of the most famous touristic spots in the world. Millions and millions of people come here every day, to experience a top-notch local hospitality. So it should not be a surprise for anybody, that a lot of people expect to buy and consume alcohol at some point during their stay in Dubai. But while it is absolutely possible to have a drink or two here, there are a couple of things that you should definitely know. First of all, if you are a tourist who is about to land in Dubai, know this - the easiest (and the cheapest) place to buy alcohol here would be a Duty Free shop. There you would be able to purchase any kind of liquor you want, and take it with you to your hotel. Now, keep in mind, that public alcohol consumption is absolutely forbidden, so don’t try anything that we would not do, or you may end up with a fine and some jail time, in addition to deportation from the country and an entry ban. You are totally free to consume the purchased liquor in a private space of your hotel room though.

Another way to have a drink would be to go to the restaurant or a club/bar - there is no shortage of licensed venues all over Dubai, that would have a pretty impressive selection of liquor on display. If you would want to purchase some liquor for yourself, then you would need to acquire a license first - there is no other way to buy alcohol in Dubai. You will not find a single alcoholic drink on a shelf of a supermarket here - only specific shops are authorized to sell alcoholic drinks, and the first thing patrons there would do is, of course, ask you whether you have a license for purchasing.

But what if you want to book a yacht, and have a romantic sunset dinner on it - would it be possible to get a nice bottle of champagne? Or maybe you are planning your birthday anniversary, and would like to have some fun with your closest friends - is there any way you can grab some beers with your buddies? Well, everything again comes to licensing - there are a couple of licensed service providers in Dubai, who will be able to supply the alcohol for your next occasion, whether it’s just a sailing cruise, birthday bash or a romantic wedding anniversary. Once you book your yacht for a dinner, you will be able to contact them directly, and make all the additional special arrangements, so everyone is on the same side. And now you know it - your next ultimate party experience is just a couple of clicks away.

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