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CharterClick – is an online booking platform that connects customers and charter companies. It is aimed at satisfying all the customers’ needs by partnering with diverse range of providers and offering a large selection of boats and related services. With us, you are able to tailor your next boat rental according to your activity requirement and budget.

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Easy to book through mobile phone. Just within 15 minutes I have arranged a boat in Dubai Marina for my best friend's birthday party. We had indeed a good time. Our capitan was very professional old man and even showed us how to ride a boat! Unforgettable experience!

Anna Samoylenko Dubai, UAE

Such an easy and straightforward way to rent a yacht! (Y)

Isabella Bondestam Dubai, UAE

Amazingly easy to use, very fast and simply innovative.

Gleb Grouzer Dubai, UAE

very large, quality and good selection of yachts, very fast and easy online reservations and settlement, no requirements. Everything is short about the online booking, fast and complete at fair prices. Price / offer: Very good !

Enis Karahan Dubai, UAE

Everything was perfect! Great job! Thank you guys! Unforgettable experience )))

Maria El Kahlut Dubai, UAE

About Maldives

Welcome to Maldives - a place that can truly be called a Paradise on Earth. Being a set of tropical islands, this country has a well-earned reputation of being a go-to destination for the leisure seekers from all over the world. Rent a boat in Maldives, and hop from island to island in search of your perfect beach spot. Or grab your scuba equipment, and enjoy the colorful sea life of more than 100 coral island of the archipelago. Stop for a swim in the lagoon, enjoy a drink or two on board of a yacht, or just rent some water sporta equipment, and feel the wind blowing into your face, while you are doing those impossible tricks on your wakeboard. Rent a yacht in Maldives, and be amazed by the overall beauty of this South Asian Paradise. Trust us, you have never seen so many pristine beaches before - book a yacht in Maldives, and discover the true potential of the local beauty.

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