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One week on a yacht in Greece: where to go, what to see

One week on a yacht in Greece: where to go, what to see

Let’s get straight to the point - you are about to spend a whole week on a yacht!. Isn’t that exciting? Especially considering the fact, that the country you will be exploring from water is Greece - one of the most popular European tourist destinations. And to make things even easier for you, we have thought about your itinerary in advance. You see, there’s no point in staying around one area if you have a private luxury vessel at your disposal for a whole week. That’s why we truly recommend you to set sail around nearby small (and not very) islands, so you can experience true Greece in full - with its ancient monuments, beautiful architecture and signature culture. All aboard!

Athens - Mykonos

It would take you roughly 5 - 6 hours to reach Mykonos from the Greek capital, but it would definitely be worth it. As you might have heard already, Mykonos (along with Ibiza) is considered to be one of the top destinations for those, who are into clubbing and nightlife. Chartering a boat in Greece is one of the great ways to make a flashy entrance - arrive to the destinations of your choice in style, and dance the night away.


After the crazy night of dancing, you’d probably want to unwind a little bit, and spend some time sipping a cold drink somewhere on a sand. Do not worry, there are plenty of golden beaches on the island, where you will be able to relax and watch the Greek sunset happening in reality. You can also either enjoy the facilities of the yacht you have rented, or have a dip in the nearby lagoon - the beauty of Mykonos is almost infinite in its nature, so we advise you to do as much sightseeing as you can.

Mykonos - Paros

The journey will take you approximately two hours. You will know you are in Paros once you see a numerous amount of fishing vessels, swirling in the open water near the island. There are plenty of small restaurants and cafes in the area, that will serve you the freshly caught fish, or any other edible sea creatures - think shrimps or octopuses. If you are up to a challenge, you can arrange a fishing trip in the nearby harbour, and try your luck in catching some fish of your own.

Paros - Santorini

Santorini lies just a couple of hours south of Paros. To be honest with you, this place needs no introduction - Santorini is famous for its lavish parties, luxury properties, super yachts in the harbour and whatever else pops in your head when you think “luxury”. The surroundings are picture-perfect, so keep your cameras ready. The organic blend of white stone walls and blue roofs looks mesmerizing in real life, and you can be sure not to forget the sights of Santorini for the rest of your life.

Santorini - Ios - Milos

Head to Ios first, to have some fun at the Magganari Beach, located on the southern part of the island. Relax on a sun bed, have a swim or grab a snorkeling equipment to explore the local sea life - the possibilities are endless. Once the sun is no longer seen, head straight to a neighbouring island - Milos. Here you’ll find plenty intimate cafes and bars, where you’ll be able to put an end to this perfect day of yours.

Milos - Kleftiko - Hydra

Head to the hidden caves of Kleftiko first, to explore the wonders of Greek nature. Here you will have another opportunity to test your snorkeling and swimming skills as, as some of the caves are pretty hard to reach. Then head to Hydra - and island with one of the coolest names ever! This is another one of those places, where the local small businesses reign over those big world-famous franchises. So get ready to experience real Greek hospitality in full - you will surely not regret it.

Hydra - Athens

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a slow trip back to the final destination of your trip. If you are arriving after the sunset, take some pictures of the local skyline - the view here is quite different from the usual glass and concrete of the biggest cities of the world. Until next time!

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