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We provide you with all the necessary tools to run your daily operations

Free CRM System

We are developing our CRM system based on the needs of real business owners and their feedback, thus aiming to make it simple and functional. It allows you to manage your work easily and efficiently, track your own bookings, manage pricing, see financial reports of all operations, be able to create multiple users and see the performance of your team. You don't have to pay for booking management software anymore - we offer it for free!

Free mobile applications for CRM

We understand that nowadays business is done on-the-go, and, especially in a yacht charter world, a mobile workflow is a must. Not everyone operates from the comfort of office space, and there is often a need to add, adjust and monitor bookings while you are in the harbor or even on the move. Our iOS and Android applications allow our partners to have a full control over their bookings from anywhere.


Have a full overview of your fleet operations in one place.


Manage you bookings and holds.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

You can easily manage bookings and receive notifications right to your phone.


Manage boats with the most flexible description and price manager.


You are able to add employees and manage permissions to each section of your backoffice.


Fully customisable reports with many filter options.

We offer you to earn real money

Get market exposure

Our top-notch team of marketers is constantly working on expanding awareness about your fleet for the global audience. Daily, we are hosting thousands of visitors, who are looking for their next sea adventure. We offer you to have your boat advertised to all our users - tourists, residents, etc.

Earn money effortlessly

While you are using our free CRM system for your own operations, we see what timings you have available for sale, and market them to all our visitors. We are selling your boats, while you are running your own operations!

Pay low commission

We boost your sales and save you money on software, while taking a low commission in exchange. There are no additional subscription fees or any other hidden costs - we only take commission from bookings made online through our portal.

We make sure that your company keeps up with global trends and innovation

Be up to date

We work in real time, which makes us the only yacht booking platform around the world that operates this way. Nowadays, hotels, cars, flights and services are being booked online instantly, without a need for seller’s confirmation. We are selling boats the same way - booking is confirmed right after the payment is done. By partnering with us, you take your company one step further, and keep it up to date with global trends!

Keep it simple

Our philosophy is “convenience through simplicity”. We strive to provide all our partners with all the necessary tools to make their sales, workflow and booking process as simple and convenient as possible.