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Top 7 beaches in Cyprus

Top 7 beaches in Cyprus

Who doesn’t like to spend a day lying on the beach, right? You can do whatever you like - get that perfect tan you have always wanted, listen to your favourite music or podcast, read a pulp novel you heard about on the Internet, or just take a little nap. We, of course, would better be cruising along the shore on board of a yacht, but if you choose to stay on the beach from time to time, nobody will blame you for that. But just imagine if you can combine those two options - wouldn’t that be great? And now it is completely possible That’s right, you can easily combine do that in Cyprus, CharterClick’s latest destination. To tell you a little more about that, we’ve created a small list of 7 best beaches on the island, so you would now where to go to. Here’s our lucky seven.

-Aphrodite’s Beach
We mentioned Aphrodite’s Rock in our previous article about Cyprus, and now it’s time to honor Aphrodite’s Beach. Legend has it, that Aphrodite herself once rose from nearby waters a long time ago. And since then, this place has been surrounded by a numerous amount of local legends. And legends, as you may imagine, attract lots of people to this place. Though not very deep, the water here is crystal clear, and will be perfect for small kids or adults, who just want to dip their toes.

-Konnos Bay Beach
Konnos Bay is another landmark that has been already mentioned in our previous post. One of the features of this beach is its location - you would never guess it’s there, if you were to come from the main road. This secluded getaway is comfortably tucked behind the greenery of nearby hills, so you need to know exactly where you need to be. Which is not exactly a problem - this place is very famous among local population and fellow tourists. If you’d like to enjoy this beautiful spot without anyone charging through your sun bed, we recommend you go there on a weekday. Those of you, who’d like a drink or two, can visit a nearby cafe, or a conveniently placed restaurant for a sundowner dinner.

-Serena Bay Beach
This is a rather small, but very beautiful stretch of sand. Not many people know about it, so you’ll need to do a small research in case you’d like to reach it. And even though Serena Beach is a well kept secret of Protaras, you’d hardly find a free stretch of sand here during weekends. The main reason behind it is not the beach itself, but the local bar, that gained its popularity in the recent years. You will have a lot of fun here, trust us.

-Paramali Beach
This sandy patch stretches along the shore for two kilometres, and is pretty popular among very specific category of visitors. It’s an excellent kite surfing destination, and if you have always wanted to try it, this spot would be a perfect place to do so. It’s usually not very crowded even on a weekend - that’s if you do not count a local kite surfing scene, that definitely prefers this place to any other. As a suggestion, we would advise you to grab you camera with you - try shooting all those surfers during a blue hour, with all their colourful kites and flashy boards.

-Mackenzie Beach
If you are one of those people, who love to be in the very center of attention, then you definitely need to visit Mackenzie Beach. Considered to be one of the busiest beaches in Larnaca, this place attracts a huge amount of people every day. Don’t count on silent relaxation here - this spot is full of trendy bars, cafes and clubs, that become insanely crowded every single night, especially on weekends. This place would be perfect for anybody, who just wants to have fun, and likes to be surrounded by the like-minded audience.

-Coral Bay Beach
If you are traveling with a family, then Coral Bay Beach - one of the most famous Paphos beaches - is the place you should go to. Kids can play in the shallow water, parents can enjoy a drink under the shade of the umbrella, and teenagers can visit some nearby cafes for a meal. The place is pretty big, and is absolutely able to accommodate all the visitors, even during those busy weekends. In other words, Coral Bay Beach is a must go destination for a family-friendly vacation.

-Governor’s Beach
Some of us just want to be left alone, and enjoy themselves in a total privacy. After all, that’s what the vacation is for, right? Well, if this is your preferred way of relaxation, then we would recommend you go straight to Governor’s Beach - a pristine white rock destination. And even though we can’t guarantee you a total privacy (it’s a public beach after all), this place surely seems not that crowded as other popular Limassol beaches. If you don’t mind rocks and ready to walk a little bit in search of a private stretch of land, then Governor’s Beach should be a perfect place for you.

These are, of course, not every single beach on the island. If you are ready to explore and willing to drive around, you’ll definitely find at least a dozen more secret beaches along the shore line. In the end, it does not really matter where exactly you will go to - Cyprus beaches are second to none when it comes to the shoreline beauty. Clean and transparent water, gold sand and white rocks, hidden underwater caves and old wrecked ships - what can be better? That’s right - a yacht cruise, that would get you to these very beautiful places by boat. All you have to do is book your next trip with CharterClick, and we will make sure you have a chance to witness all these beautiful destinations. Just pick a date, time and the duration of your trip, along with an amount of people you are bringing with you, and we will show you every option available.

So the next time you are getting ready to explore Cyprus by boat, be smart, book online - at CharterClick.com

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