How to throw a yacht party in Dubai – Part II

How to throw a yacht party in Dubai – Part II

Part I can be found here.

Let's get loud

It goes without saying, that there can be no party without music. Whether you have a particular theme (country boat party, anyone?), or you're up to anything you can find on that latest Spotify trending EDM playlist, you need to make sure everyone can feel the rhythm. That's why you need something a lot more powerful than your latest iPhone speakers or Beats Pill. Now, you have two choices - you can either bring your own stereo speakers, or, if you are okay with that, use the sound system available on board. In case you'd like to go with option number one, we won't mind - just let your captain know that you are bringing big guns with you, so they know what to expect. But if you are not feeling like dragging all that heavy equipment, you are very welcome to use whatever is available on board. A quick look though the "Features" section on the boat's page will let you know whether you will be able to find both AUX cable and speakers on board. Don't worry - even if something is missing, you can always contact your captain before the trip, and ask them to make some additional arrangements for you. Once you are sure you are able to find everything necessary on board, you are good to blast those speakers off - just plug whatever crazy device you have with you, and play your music directly from it through the on board speakers.

Dance like nobody's watching

Music is, of course, useless without a proper space to dance. And that's why you have to be completely sure that there would be enough space for the dance floor. The final decision is, of course, up to you, but we see the upper deck as an ultimate space for your next dance escapades. So keep an eye for that second deck while browsing through the photos of available yachts, and always keep in mind, that there is usually a big space available inside the yacht as well - nobody is keeping you from dividing your audience in two groups, and having an inside and outside dance floors. After all, if you have followed our previous advice, you music will be heard all over the place. Or you can do something opposite - turn your inside dance floor into a small intimate space (by throwing in some additional strobe lights, for example), and isolate it by closing all the doors to avoid the sound coming from the outside. Now, just crank up the sound from your laptop, and you already have two separate dance floors on the boat.

Lights on

Alright, this one might be a little trickier to execute, but stay with us. Now that you have both music and the dance floor in place, there is one final thing missing - and that thing is the lights. Even if you are starting early, when the sun is still high, nothing keeps you from continuing till long after the sunset, and the Dubai skyline transforms into a beaming wall of lights. And now, again, you have two choices - you can either bring some additional light equipment with you (to avoid any disappointments, please check with your captain first), or use the skyline as your light source. And no, we are not kidding. Imagine throwing an anchor somewhere in Marina or Canal, and partying surrounded by thousands of lights. It may sound a little weird at first, but trust us - once you try it, you will see for yourself, that not even the best lighting equipment can beat the pulsing light of Dubai downtown.

That's it for today - stay tuned for Part III

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