Tours to Burj Al Arab

Tours to Burj Al Arab

Before Burj Khalifa became the first thing people think about when they hear “Dubai”, there was Burj Al Arab - a sail-shaped seven star hotel, that perfectly encapsulates everything that Dubai is. A one-of-a-kind property, Burj Al Arab is a tribute to old Dubai - hence the shape, that closely resembles sailboats, that were commonly used by the fishermen of the area back in the old days. Built on an artificial island, Burj Al Arab is not that easy to visit - to get inside the building, you would either need a booking in a hotel itself, or a reservation for one of the many restaurants that can be found inside the building. Sightseeing tours are usually just running past the island, so visitors can have a sneak peek at the grandeur of the structure, but that won’t really give you a full impression of what this magnificent hotel is really all about.

We sincerely think that if you’d like to fully experience the majesty of Burj Al Arab, you have to do it from aboard of a luxury boat. This way the trip to the artificial island would only last around ten minutes, and you would be able to take your time, and enjoy the beautiful view. If you decide to choose some exclusive yacht options that we have available online, you even have a chance to have a party or a romantic dinner, with Burj Al Arab as your backdrop. You can also check yacht rental prices in Dubai, and find the one that perfectly suits your budget.

With CharterClick you now have a chance to experience a world-renowned property from a completely different side, and rediscover Burj Al Arab from a different angle.

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